Linking strategy to operations

Strategy is a description for how to do things within an organization. In the end the strategy intends to create value for its shareholders and customers. We all know that many organizations fails strategically not just because they do not have a clear strategy but more commonly because of bad execution often because the lack of strong linkage between strategy and operations.

At niblom, we can help you linking your strategy to operations. This will be done by a very systematic and structured approach whereas we will prepare and articulate clearly your business strategy using Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards. We will help you translate your vision into manageable activities that are linked through the four performance perspectives of the Scorecard in a cause-and-effect relationship to fulfill the vision.

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Using the strategy map and balanced scorecard, strategy will be everybody’s concern and everybody’s day job. Strategy will be cascaded down till every small business unit and ultimately down to every individual in your organization. The cascading and set up of objectives will be adapted to which state your company is in i.e are you a Start-up that need OKR methodology or are you a mature organization or anything in between.You will be able to balance contradictory forces of short term achievement and long term value and better utilize and capitalize on your intangible assets to satisfy customers and consequently achieve your financial objectives.

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