Partner and Supplier Analysis

You know you need good suppliers – but they don’t just appear in your supply chain like magic. In order to form strong, strategic, and proactive relationships with reliable suppliers, it’s crucial to follow best practices and invest the time necessary to transform potential suppliers into trusted partners.

In the distant past, supply chain optimization was often limited to a single factor: price. But thanks to increasingly sophisticated digital data management tools and the growing prevalence of digital transformation, the view of suppliers as mere vendors is giving way to a more nuanced one that regards them as potentially powerful partners in shared success. Today, vendors share data, integrate systems, and work closely with procurement specialists to help identify opportunities for product development and innovation, take advantage of cost-cutting measures, and engage in shared initiatives to expand market share or improve competitive advantage for both partners.

With proper supplier relationship management, your procurement team can put every potential supplier through a detailed and transparent evaluation process to determine the level of performance of your suppliers and potential partners. At Niblom Consulting AB we have the experience to assess and evaluate your partners and suppliers from different perspectives.

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